Become a PowerUser!

26 December, 2020

1. Plan

Once a week take a little time and pick your next moves, whether you follow the weekly practices, choose from the catalogue or a mix of both them. Keep in mind that you are practicing not working out. Some days should be easier some days should be harder, never to failure, always breaking a sweat.

The correct direction is always starting at fast then heavy then steady. Reversing the order will make you gas out and lose proper form.

Watch out for overdoing the same body parts, all the time. Never skip leg day.

Remember life, it always happens. The practice allows you to schedule as it fits best and take a rest when planned.

  • Need to skip a day on purpose? Do it!
  • Only 15 minutes before dinner? Do it!
  • Shift a day to the morning or afternoon? Do it!
  • A week of swings? Do it!

Use the bookmark feature to help you build your own schedule easily accessible.

2. Execute

Stick to your plan. Following the weekly practices you have the next practice right in front of you and so are your bookmarks.

Life happened and you have no time left to the schedule, then go for 100 2-Hand Swings or 60 Snatches. It's better than nothing keeping your momentum going results in better and longer lasting results.

3. Active Rest

Here are some ideas:

  • Take a long walk
  • Enjoy a bike ride
  • Enjoy a hike
  • A long session of stretching
  • Whatever makes you move and not sit on the couch the whole day.

4. Keep Track

Routines and habits are the hardest at the beginning. Once you go over the first days, it's a bliss. Ramping up for some days only to drop the ball, it's a nightmare. You get almost no results for all the starting effort.

Make use of the monthly overview of your achievements to spot patterns. The earlier you spot inconsistencies in your schedule, the faster you can get back on track.

5. Share

The best way to stick to and end up building any habit is to commit in public.

Share your achievements regularly and show your commitment.