Can't find an answer?

Contact us at support@powerbell.app. We will get back to you as our time allows.


Is my data backed up?

No, your data is not backed up by us or any other service. You must ensure your data is recoverable.

Weekly Practices

When do they get updated?

We update them once a week and they become available on Sunday at 00:00 GMT hour.

If by monday morning you don't have access to the new weekly practices, please report it at support@powerbell.app

I got fewer practices than last week, why?

There is no exact number of practices you get each week, it varies between 2 and 6. If you want to practice more, then you can pick any practices from the catalogue.


How do I earn one?

You have the chance to earn one by performing one of the practices. Based on the practice completion you will get one or another.

How many are there?

There are a total of 3 different awards

What are they good for?

They help you keep track of your progress, beautiful to share and a good token to keep the momentum going.